10 Things You Should Know About Aleppo and Syria

10 Things You Should Know About Aleppo and Syria in after six months of siege, the Government of Syria announced that they had freed the Aleppo.

Should the evacuation of civilians from the city had already begun, but fighting erupted again.

It is believed, the cease-fire collapsed after the Government demanded the rebels to pave the way for civilians and the wounded rebels troops to leave the city.

How ever, it means suffering the people of Aleppo is far from over.

Bombings against the last rebel-controlled towns, could be the war crimes, the UN statement said, Wednesday (14/12).

We spoke with Tim Eaton Middle East experts from international agencies thought tank Chatham House, who tells the circumstances there, after checking the topics most searched on Google about Syria.

Who fought battles in Syria?
In General, the Government of Syria to combat rebel groups. But it is a massive simplification. It’s about a variety of battle, and not just one battle alone.

It’s a different War intertwined with each other in some places with a variety of ways. Each group clashed with a variety of other groups. In some places, the regime of Bashar al-Assad the fight ISIS. In some other place, and the insurgent armed groups Kurds battling ISIS.

How it all began?
It all began in 2011 after the so-called Arab Springs series of rallies Anti-Government in various countries in the Middle East, including Syria.
The people expressing outrage about corrupt officials and a lack of civil liberties.

When the regime responded to that action with the more brutal and full of violence, many protesters and certain groups which concluded that the only way of dealing with the Government is to arm yourself and overthrow the regime. This is developing into a protracted civil war.

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Who is President Bashar al-Assad?
He’s actually not the one who should hold the Government. Initially he was sent to College to London to become a doctor. But then his brother died and he was recalled back to Syria and prepared to take power if the father died.

Actually appear much hope when he succeeded his father in the year 2000.0″ Tim Eaton explains. People feel this may be the opportunity to become more liberal, to make it all so much more open.
During the first few years, hopes that soon faded. Since 2012 we have witnessed the brutality of the regime is not disinclined to use the strategy of violence.
He’s a man who can do terrible things.

Why did Russia helped?
There are several possible causes.
There’s that saying, it is because Russia has a naval base on the coast of Syria. Others say, Russia would also like to join in rooting out Islamist extremists with the House. But Tim Eaton believes, everything is a game of global power.
Russia put themselves at the top of the game, to align themselves with the United States.

Whomever the rebels?
He describes them as a constellation of various entities.
We can’t see the rebels as a group with a single point of view, a single chain of command and a political message.
There are a lot of groups. Some of them are considered as groups of terror.
Basically, it is not possible to assume a group as either fully and consider other groups as entirely bad.
Tim Eaton talks about ‘black, white and some grey area.
There are rebel groups that the West cannot support, among other groups that pressed the Islamic State or the ISIS.
And then on the other hand, there is the independent Syria-Army brigade which is a partner of the West and is believed to be a moderate group.
In the Middle, there are Islamist groups that Western countries do not know how to handle it.
The West is uncomfortable, but also not willing to put these groups in the same box with ISIS.
Russia will assume that groups are terrorists. But the West does not want to take it so.

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Why Aleppo so important?
On paper, it’s because of Aleppo is the second largest city in Syria. So with the city that the rebels can present themselves as a credible Alternatively compared to the Government.
Eaton said, defeat there is a very decisive in this war, and also a very bad impact towards morally.
According to him, the fall of Aleppo Aleppo show weakness more, and not the power of the regime.
The regime took six months, with outstanding support from Russia, Iran and other militants, to reclaim the Aleppo.
The fall of Aleppo does not mean the war has ended, no also means coming to an end.

Will there be other Aleppo?
Since the siege started in Aleppo, a city that had been so hectic that slowly collapses so debris.
A variety of news and images show human suffering that is unspeakable.
Tim Eaton wasn’t sure that this was just an exception.
It took six months for the Government to reclaim the Aleppo with a brutal bombing. While the rebels still occupying the territories of others. So the sad fact is, we will see the same tactics on the run elsewhere. The whole horror of it will happen again somewhere else.

How the scale of suffering in Syria?
It was so horrible, it is very difficult to make the scale of destruction and the suffering that is accurate. But most agree that more than 500,000 people were killed. He said that more than 11 million people evacuate from his home or from that country. And that’s about the same amount of half the population of Syria before the war.

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Why are many developed countries just keep silence?
As all things in Nigeria, there are no easy answers to these questions.
Eaton said that initially there is hope that everything can be solved by negotiations.
By 2013, hundreds of people were killed in what is suspected of being a chemical attack.
Countries like the US and France refer only the Government that Syria had chemical weapons capabilities. They threatened to attack the military.
In the United Kingdom, the members of Parliament did vote, the results of which rejected bombing to Syria. This moment is the key.
It was like a set rhythm. Assad concluded that nobody could overthrow him. He concluded he could brutal anything he wants, as long as it does not use chemical weapons.

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