12 Countries Gather In The Asia Nuclear Forum

The delegates from 12 countries gathered in meeting members of the Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA) Ministerial and senior officials in Jakarta, November 23 – 24, 2012 to discuss the utilization of nuclear technology in the fields of agriculture, electricity and health.

“In this forum we were sharing experience and progress in their respective areas,” said the head of the National Nuclear Energy Agency (Batan) Djarot Wisnubroto “on the sidelines of The 13th FNCA Meeting” Level of strategic partnership which was attended by 70 members from 12 countries in Jakarta on Saturday (11/24/2012).

The 12 countries are Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, China, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Indonesia would expose research results on various already used in farming such as seed rice excelled as well as the results of research into animal husbandry particularly fattening cattle, and an increase in milk.

Through the network of research reactors which are already established Indonesia can also be of mutual promotion and reveal problems such as there are countries that lack of radio isotopes for medical purposes, we justify having its products. So far the Batan is already exporting radio isotope to a number of countries such as Bangladesh and Thailand,

As for Japan, more emphasis on how the country handles accident of Fukushima nuclear power plants, both from the technical side as well as from the social side. From the technical side of Japan sharing about how to fix the leak and clean up areas contaminated and radioactive from the side how to recover the social condition of the people after the incident.

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Attending the forum were driven by the Japan among others research and technology Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta, Senior Vice Minister of education, culture, sports, science and technology (MEXT) Japan Shinkun Haku, Secretary of Bangladesh’s science and technology Yeafesh Osman, Minister of science and technology and innovation Malaysia Maximus Johnity Ongkili, as well as the head of the nuclear energy agency and Assistant Minister in eight other countries.

Meanwhile, Minister Gusti M. Hatta in the forums says, in Indonesia nuclear technology has been proven to contribute to development and FNCA role through this contribution is expected to be more advanced, in addition termonitor also, especially in the field of food and agriculture, health, the environment and nuclear safety management.

Minister Gusti M. Hatta also revealed that a poll about a plan to build nuclear power plants in Indonesia in 2012 while 52,8 percent revealed residents agree, 24.3 per cent decline and 22.9 percent did not know.

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