20 Indonesian Arrested in Yemen, The Government Strive For Liberation

More than 20 Indonesian detained in Yemen by a local authority. The Government has yet to find out the reason, but it is thought to detention because of the immigration issue. The Central liberation efforts done.

Right, there are Indonesians being detained in Yemen. More than 20. We haven’t been able to exact numbers,” says Director of Indonesian Citizen Protection and legal assistance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Muhammad Iqbal.

The possibility was arrested for immigration problems. But that’s right, they all were detained by local authorities, rather than being held by al-Houthi rebels,” Iqbal asserted.

He explains, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Yemen Wajid Fauzi tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning will meet Indonesian held. Wajid will seek their release.

Until this time though the foreign embassies have closed, Embassy in surviving all the teams there to help evacuate Indonesian and sought the exemption,” said Iqbal.

Iqbal said the situation in Yemen is currently still gripping. Communication and mobility were difficult because of the conditions of the war. As is known, the military launched operation Saudi Arabia attack against al-Houthi rebels.

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