500 Pound Bomb Dropped on U.S. Soldiers By Mistake

A number of U.S. soldiers escaped from death after one of its planes dropped bombs weighing 227 kilos near their outpost in Afghanistan last year.

A video recording containing a fatal military mistakes that appear on the internet. In the video it shows how the bombs were falling hit the ground just 15 meters from the soldiers, who had enlisted the help of air strikes while fighting with the Taliban in Paktika province.

Events began when U.S. forces saw Taliban soldiers in the distance and enlisted the help of air strikes. However, it turned out to be bombers identify position of U.S. forces as one of the positions occupied by the Taliban. As a result, bombs dropped on that position.

Luckily, none of the U.S. soldiers who become victims. However, the post of U.S. forces destroyed by fragments of metal.

In the video, shortly after the bomb fell and exploded, a soldier who recorded this event goes to the back of the outpost and found a huge hole with smoke still billowing.

This attack is not wrong the first time this has happened. In 2007, three soldiers of the United Kingdom were killed by us air attacks the wrong target. In another incident, an error like this lead to some Afghan soldiers were killed.
[youtube BSzBCgbicbA]

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