52 Million Tourists Visit New York During 2012

Tourism sweatshirt that reads the famous “I Love NY” might be changed to “50 million people love NY.”

As much as it is people who visit the Big Apple in 2012, scored a new record that go beyond the achievement of the previous year by 50 million people.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that success on Monday, ahead of the annual big party for new year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square.

He said 41 million domestic visitors and 11 million from abroad, in total produce US $ 55,3 billion on revenue of the city and make New York as important travel destination in the U.S., with a 33 percent share of the market from abroad.

“New York City continues to attract people from all over the world who want to experience the unique culture, food, Garden, shops, art and our energy,” said Bloomberg. “We’re in a good path to achieve new goals 55 million visitors and US $ 70 billion in 2015.”

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