Advanced Features on The Galaxy S3 Mini

Today, Samsung Electronics Indonesia launches smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III Mini. Features the latest in it is described is similar to the former, Samsung Galaxy S3.

Product Marketing Manager Mobile Division Samsung Electronics Indonesia Praditya Ega said the company saw a lot of customers who want the Samsung Galaxy S3 but bumped the price because it’s Samsung presents Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to target these markets.

“Its features are the same (Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini) are all just different screen sizes,” he said at the media conference in Jakarta on Tuesday (01/15/2013).

These advanced features that exist in the Galaxy S3 Mini:

  • Burst Shot
    This feature allows users to take a picture object moving quickly without pause.
  • Best Photo
    Feature that recommends the best photos of the object taken pictures.
  • Pop-Up Play
    This feature ensures smooth multi-tasking, allowing you to perform various activities such as watching videos simultaneously while checking email or sending SMS.
  • Smart Stay
    There is a sensor that will read the users activity, such as when the user is looking smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will turn on and off automatically when the user is away from the phone.
  • Direct Call
    User can receive phone calls with just a smartphone closer to his ear without touching buttons on the screen. “These features we have designed more humane and understand the feeling of users,” he said.
  • Features S Voice
    Allows you to control your smartphone with voice commands like unlocking the phone, make calls, send messages, write memos, using the application, take pictures, set to music and turn on WiFi. The model is available for sale at price tag IDR 3,499,000.00 and flip cover (bag) with eight colors.
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. images courtesy: ©Reuters/AFP/™

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