After Launched, Dahlan Iskan Tuxuci Electric Car Crash

Tuxuci electric cars belongs to the Minister of SOEs, Dahlan Iskan has been crashed in Magetan, East Java on January 5, 2013 03:00 PM local time. Condition of the car was badly damaged.

The car is driven solely by Dahlan Iskan that slammed into a cliff and electric poles and then crashed into an Isuzu Panther who is on parking. The Isuzu Panther was not scratched just rub against it because of brake tension.

The Head of Public Relations of the Ministry of SOEs Faisal Halimi explained, post-accident condition of the car was badly damaged.

Dahlan was deliberately rammed the car into a cliff in order to avoid casualties other riders. At that time, the car had a brake problem when Dahlan speeding in Tawang Mangu derivatives.

“Tawangmangu has sharped derived off. He (Dahlan Iskan) was in Magetan, the car was badly damaged, the speed runs around of 60-80 km/hr” said Faisal told AFP on Saturday (01/05/2013).

The car crashed into cliff and then slammed into an electric utility pole on the cliff in Plaosan, Magetan. The reason is because there are problems in the car brakes.

Electric cars are driven solely by Dahlan with one of the inventors of electric cars that had crashed into the cliff has a brake tension problem.

Previously it was reported that Tuxuci ust launched and got the problem regarding violation patent rights by Suryatama Danet as the copyright license owner and the creator.

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