Apple Asked for Royalties of The Sale of Samsung Gadget Product

The latest developments in patent dispute case between Apple and Samsung, on trial next March 31, upcoming, Apple reportedly to ask the cost of royalties over five patents its technology used by Samsung devices.

It was revealed from a previous trial documents on January 23, cited by Phone Arena. Quantity of numbers the requested royalty Apple reaches USD 40.00 each Samsung products sold, or USD 8.00 each patent.

The patents referred to a number of functions on the Samsung smartphone, associated with a unified search, data synchronization, slide-to-unlock, phone call by pressing the screen, and autocomplete.

Previously, on a trial in 2010, Apple had offered a cheaper cost of royalties, which is USD 30.00 per device for the entire portfolio of patents owned by Apple – not just five patents. However, Samsung claims Apple is refusing to pay.

Intellectual property analyst, Florian Mueller, in a publication on the blog commented that Apple’s asking price this time is exaggerated highly.

On the other side, Samsung have also attempted to draw royalties from patents on technology used by Apple, amounting to 2.4 percent of the total sales of the iPhone. With the average price USD 620.00 of the iPhone, means South Korea’s manufacturers are demanding a fee of USD 15.00 each iPhone sold.

Patent payment — including payments that are assessed per device — is nothing strange in the tech industry today. Microsoft, got the infusion of millions of US dollars per year from 21 manufacturers license patents that use Android.

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