Rumors: Apple Testing On iPhone 6

The Smartphone successor iPhone 5 rumored to have entered a phase of testing. The iPhone 6 is said to be carrying the iOS 7 operating system.

The Next Web reported that one Apple developer revealed, Apple has been testing hardware that is allegedly as the latest iPhone with ‘iPhone 6.1’. This smartphone is expected to be coasting in the middle of this year.

That source also says that the iPhone, iPad, and iPhone touch the future will present with the iOS 7. The report showed that the iPhone development code is marked with the ‘iPhone 5.1’ and ‘iPhone 5.2’, this is indicates that the original company of Cupertino has been test a new device.

iPhone hardware test 6.1, marking an update of iPhone models 5.1 and iPhone 5.2. Change the first number of the sequence of Apple’s hardware shows changes to the main internal elements.

Meanwhile, analysts from Asymco, Horace Dediu, believes that new generation of Apple slid every six months. This assumption is based on the statements of former Apple CEO, John Scully.

According to Sculley, the company is going through a significant change in the product cycle, where the company will introduce the product twice a year.

Stock analyst Peter Misek, Jefferies speculated that the successor to the iPhone 5 will be carrying the camera/screen super HD, battery capability, and NFC, updates may include screen IGZO for Retina, then offer a capacity of 128 GB storage media.

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Other rumors say, iPhone 6 coming out with six to eight color variants. So, this color variation will attract the younger to buy Apple smartphone.

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