Apple Will Launch iPhone 5S On June

The issues regards the launch of the iPhone 5S is getting started rolling. Recently, Piter Misek, an Apple analysts says that Apple iPhone 5S will launch in June.

Even further, Apple is rumored to have ready to manufacture the iPhone 5S in March.

Based on reported by Ubergizmo, iPhone 5 has decreased production figures. The decline could be an indication that Apple will again produce a successor to the phenomenal mobile variant.

Specifications of the phone is rumored to be much better. The use of screen IGZO, super retina display NFC, and storage up to 128 GB, are some of the specifications were circulated in a variety of media.

The problem is since the emergence of the iPhone 5 some time ago, Apple has lost its image as a technology company that is known for innovation. iPhone 5S called into weapons to revamp the latest images.

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