Asteroids Lit Up The Skies Over Indonesia

A large Asteroid approaching Earth. According to scientists the asteroid-sized width of 45 meters will traverse the Earth on Friday, February 15, 2013. Named Asteroid DA14, the asteroid sized a half of a soccer field was reportedly visible in Indonesia, particularly in the area of Sumatra.

The closest distance, territory west of Sumatra Indonesia reportedly saw the huge space rock. In Sumatra, the asteroid will be a 17.200 miles (27,680) from the Earth’s surface on Friday at 2: 24 p.m. EST (1924 GMT).

This Asteroid was moving quickly. According to NASA Researchers move across the solar system at 18,051 speed mph (28.100 kilometers per hour).

Head of Bosscha, Mahasena, said throughout the history of the Earth, this is the closest asteroid ever passing near the Earth with a size of about 45 meters and its only 27,000 miles.

The distance was even asteroids closer than the distance between the Earth and geostationary satellite which is 36,000 miles.

Despite its distance, its close will have no effect upon the Earth. Including the geostationary satellites also there will be no impact.

In this rare event, Indonesia is the most obvious area could see the Asteroid 2012 DA14 especially in the area of the western coast of Sumatra. It can be seen during the five hours from 00.00 GMT+7, but the peak can be observed at 02.30 – 02:40 pm. It’s just that this asteroid observations cannot be observed by the naked eye but had to use a telescope.

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The movement of asteroids is from Southeast to Northwest. In addition to in Indonesia it can also be observed in Australia and Africa.

Bosscha will conduct observations covered this rare momentum. However, observations made in the interest of the research considering this is a rare occurrence.

2029 recently predicted there would be more asteroids that pass near Earth at a distance of approximately 31,000 miles with size of 270 metres. However, for the purposes of publication, Asteroid observations will be conveyed to the DA14 2012 public.

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