Australia Have 1.8 million Encrypted Data of Telkomsel Customers

Australia intelligence collaborated with the National Security Agency (NSA) United States increase the radar to Asia since the Bali bombing in 2002. China and Indonesia into a special attention.

In Indonesia, Indosat and Telkomsel are the telecommunications operators are known to have been the target of the intelligence monitoring.

Based on the NSA document leaked by Edward J Snowden in early 2013, recorded talks via Indosat is part of the monitoring of the Intelligence Directorate of the Department of Defense Signal (DFD) Australia, which in may 2013 renamed Australia Signals Directorate (ASD). This Institute is partner of NSA in Australia.

Indonesian high level officials talks tapping in 2012, is part of tapping through Indosat, based on a leaked document by Snowden.

While Telkomsel, Australia intelligence has pocketed 1.8 million encrypted key data customers subsidiary of PT Telkom.

Proclamation reserved by the NSA wiretapping scandal and his colleagues in Australia, back to the topic of news coverage in The New York Times edition of February 15, 2014.

This time questioning the alleged wiretapping of Indonesia officials talks with law firm in the United States representing the Government of Indonesia in its trade dispute with the United States.

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