Awful Vesak In Borobudur

Vesak is a sacred day for Buddhism made in May to coincide with the full moon night of perfect every year. For the celebration of Vesak in Borobudur Temple in Indonesia, Magelang. Monks and nuns from various countries were gathered.

Organizing the night of Vesak in the period then is the moment that I didn’t miss out. Borobudur appears to glow in the distance. When the full moon that shines with the light in the month of may, the Buddhists gathered to celebrate Vesak.

At that time, the court of the temple made a big enough stage. On stage, placed a statue of Siddhartha Gautama, and there are some offerings too.

The celebration of Vesak in Borobudur Temple not only set aside for Buddhists only. Many people who witnessed directly there. In an orderly people lining up do a procession thereafter. The procession was named Pradaksina, i.e. around the temple three times.

Not just Buddhists who did the Pradaksina, but also tourists who don’t celebrate Vesak. They are trying to appreciate the procession.

Travelers who do not join the procession Pradaksina usually wait in the Court of the temple. Many of them were trying to capture the moment with a camera.

During the procession, placed a candle placed in a glass container around the temple. The candles are written the names of the owners who put it there. When viewed in a more clear, the candle looks like a Lotus Flower.

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