Bali Nine Death Penalty Execution Canceled?

Attorney General HM Prasetyo confirmed the execution of the death penalty will be carried out simultaneously. In addition Prasetyo also confirmed there are no delays execution of death penalty.

Had circulated news on the net the cancellation of the death penalty execution of the duo Bali Nine, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. However Prasetyo asserted no such thing.

There was no such order from the President,” said Prasetyo in the Attorney General’s Office, Jl Hasanuddin, South Jakarta, yesterday.

Prasetyo said that the convicted person have received denial pardons from President Jokowi. However Prasetyo also said the lawsuit against The High Court Lawsuit State pardons is very strange.

This Lawsuit pardons of The High Court Lawsuit State for something unusual,” said Prasetyo.

In addition to the Bali Nine duo that performs legal maneuvers. There are still others who stand against the convicted person as Philippines Mary Jane who submits the review. But the lawsuit that Mary Jane has rejected by attorney.

It’s just that there’s still France, Serge Areski Atloui and Ghanaian, Martin Anderson filed a lawsuit. Attorney General had hoped the Supreme Court could reject their lawsuit in order to convict to death execution is not obstructed.

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