Batavia Air Bankrupt, Discontinued Operations At 00:00 PM

The Commercial Court of Central Jakarta decided Metro Batavia Airlines Holding is declared bankrupt on Wednesday (1/30/2013). Batavia Air’s operations ceased operating today.

Based on the decision of the Central Jakarta Commercial Court dated January 30, formally Batavia Air ceased operations, said Attorney Batavia Air, Raden Catur Wibowo on Wednesday (01/30/2013).

Raden explain that the lawsuit began when Batavia Air renting Wide Body aircraft Airbus 330 flight to transport pilgrims. And for three years Batavia Air did not get the project of Haji.

So there are arrears in payment then ILFC (International Lease Finance Corporate) filed for bankruptcy to Batavia Air in Central Jakarta Commercial Court on December 20, 2012, said Raden.

The suit also resulted in the cessation of the lessor which then attracted 19 aircraft so that the aircraft remains only 14 aircraft. The owner of the plane moving and interesting planes. If it is pulled what was put into operation, most have been withdrawn stayed 14 aircraft. Could not operate and it’s very hard, explained Raden.

After the bankruptcy decision, it forced all business operations of Batavia Air is closed in accordance with Article 24 of Law Bankruptcy applicable at 00:00 PM today. And will be transferred to the receiver.

The curator who selected directly by the Central Jakarta Commercial Court, will help deal with all matters and the impact of the closure of the office Batavia Air. Includes affairs and endorsed ticket refund passengers, cargo, and the completion of the salary of Batavia Air employers.

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Teams selected by Central Jakarta Commercial Court will deal with the effects of the termination of business activities Batavia Air,

The four curators are Turman Panggabean and Andra Reinhard Sirait of Duma & Co. Lawfirm. Then Gem N Daulay of Law Firm PN Daulay & Partners and Alba Sukma Hadi of Sukma & Partners.

The fixes curator would help to handle all the business and the impact of the closure of the Batavia Air officials. All interested parties are expected to wait for direction from the curator.

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