Beware, Many Savage Robbery in Bali

On Friday January 2, 2015, karate national athletes, Umar Syarief uploading message via his Facebook account tells of brutalities perpetrated the robbery of foreign tourists that occurred in Bali.

Umar, based in Switzerland, amid a visit to Bali and called himself the middle place of relax in the entertainment area of Kuta along SG peer ever. Because the entertainment is very full, he decided to wait for his friend outside. But when he saw the outside views that made him angry.

Pickpockets badly. They pretend to offer transportation or buy something, before taking possession of the tourists,” Omar wrote. Goods are taken usually wallet or gadgets.

I see myself about 7-8 persons lost wallet and iPhone. The tourists with pitiful even ask that his iPhone is returned and replaced the money. But those it ostensibly was not committing a crime,” he said.

That makes Him sad and upset because the security apparatus as helpless. When his friend out of SG, he immediately shouted reminded to watch out for stuff. “I’ve been kicking if they are near a foreign tourist. But they are rude as hell,” he continued.

So angry and disappointed at the attitude of the apparatus it thinks no matter, by his account, He even enlisted the help of the karate-ke to chastise the robbery here. “I ask my brothers karate College what to accompany me. I sad look at what happened in front of the SG. There should be a do something Because this is for our nation’s image especially Bali which is famous for its tourist.

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The Police guard and security doesn’t do anything. I need karate people between 3-4 guys if there’s a karate kid who Police or Intel could help me.Oss! I need help!!” —

Umar Syarief was one or even be referred to as the athletes the best Indonesian martial artist. He won the gold medal in the SEA Games since 1997 through 2013 as well as the silver medal in the Asian Games 2010. He diligently followed the karate competition in mainland Europe and is always carrying red and white flag whenever he spread himself into a champion.

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