BlackBerry 10: The BlackBerry Saviour OS

Today US time, BlackBerry 10 Operating System released. The step is a part BlackBerry strategy headed off Samsung and Apple in the mobile phones of premium class.

As quoted Mobile Today, BlackBerry partners called the marketing campaign focused on the distribution of this cost. It is rarely done by BlackBerry. The reason of the campaign into one of important history of BlackBerry in an attempt to penetrate the market.

The future of BlackBerry depends on BlackBerry 10, said a source of the BlackBerry partner unnamed.

Two years later, BlackBerry sales decreased significantly. In 2012, the BlackBerry’s market share plummeted on a global scale into six percent. It is also experienced by Nokia, which in the end did a massive campaign with their flagship, Lumia.

Separately, one of the sources of the Android partners say it is difficult for BlackBerry to easily face the competition.

“BlackBerry launches BlackBerry 10 at a bad timing that such a budget, he said.
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