BlackBerry Will Not Release Entry Level Products In 2013

BlackBerry states did not want to produce devices based on BlackBerry 10 platform at the entry level this year.

This means that users are still pockets barely fit can not enjoy the phone with the new operating system in the near future.

This, as quoted by Ubergizmo, represented by Stephen Bates, managing director for the BlackBerry as the European region.

“We have been producing gadgets at the level of high-end as a statement that this is the (era) of the new BlackBerry. We intend to actually play in the middle to upper level,” said Stephen Bates, as quoted from Ubergizmo.

“We will build equipment for entry-level, but not for now.”

On another occasion, Bates also stated that the concentration of companies are still focused on the development of BlackBerry 7 and 7.1. In addition, Bates insists that his company should still stick with the BlackBerry Curve for entry-level class.

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