Board of Trustees Election Asked Election Commission To Check C1 Before Uploaded

Member of the Board of Trustees Election (Bawaslu) Nelson Simanjuntak asked the Election Commission (KPU) to check the advance Of the figures on the form C1 before it is scanned and uploaded to the KPU site pages. This, to reduce misunderstanding in the community.

“We’re asking the city’s Election Commission, at the time while uploading the scan should check first what reasonable figures included in the C1 before uploaded or before the scan,” said Nelson in Jakarta.

According to Nelson, when it was discovered there was a suspicious with the numbers voting, Election Commission tally the city can immediately reject it or confirm directly to the organizer of the Group Voting (KPPS) related it to verify whether the figures recorded is so it is.

“If it’s not reasonable numbers, don’t upload it. So as not to cause problems in the community who see it,” he said.

Earlier, the official of Election Commission website page,, there is C1 awkward in polling stations (TPS) 47, Kelapa Dua Village, district Kelapa Dua, Tangerang Regency, Banten Province. There provided the voice of Prabowo-Hatta 814, Jokowi-JK 366, and a total of 380 votes. In fact, Act No. 42 of 2008 about the presidential election, set the maximum number of voters in a pooling station (TPS) only 800 people.

Hadar Nafis Gumay, Election Commission Commissioner clarify, tally votes at the Pooling Station for the presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto-Hatta Rajasa was 14 votes. Based on Hadar directly to the organizer at the level of village and town is concerned, the figure character “0” marked a cross (X).

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“There is no number 8 (eight),” said Hadar,

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