Boediono Attend World AIDS Day At Taman Mini

The Vice President, Boediono, will attend the summit commemoration of World AIDS Day, which was centered in Sasono Budoyo Langen, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta on this morning (1/7/2013).

Vice President Boediono’s official website mentions will close The World AIDS Day commemoration at 09.00 AM.

World AIDS Day is celebrated every December 1st. This idea was first conceived in August 1987 by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter, two public information officers for the Global AIDS Program at the UN World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland and is commemorated on 1 December 1988.

In Indonesia, the commemoration of the World AIDS Day has been going on since the end of November to hold various events to raise awareness on the dangers of disease caused by a virus that attacks the human immune system (HIV).

AIDS Commission itself vigorously campaigning HIV and AIDS at the center of the crowd since early November 2012. The campaign aims to extend the reach of communication, information, and education to the general public in order to raise public awareness of the need to protect women and children against HIV and AIDS.

The campaign is also necessary to strengthen the commitment of high-risk men to protect themselves and families with HIV and AIDS. Routine socialization is also required to provide information to the general public in order to eliminate stigma and discrimination against people or people with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), especially women and children.

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