China’s military maneuvers around Natuna

China has already prepared a new warship to join the ranks of the China war fleet at sea. Chinese naval forces can be mapped into three parts: the North Sea Fleet with bases in the Yellow Sea and its headquarters in Qindao, Shandong province East Sea Fleet, their home base in the East China Sea with headquarters in Ningbao, Zhejiang Province, and the South Sea fleet, their home base in the South China Sea and its headquarters in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province.

People of China even believe their naval forces were able to defeat the Americans in the South China Sea.

Areas in the South China Sea, including the Natuna Islands, during the scramble for resources has become Southeast Asia’s countries such as Viet Nam, the Philippines, Brunei, Taiwan, and Indonesia. In the survey conducted by the Centre of Perth, the Institute researcher USAsia Indo-Pacific, by as much as 86 percent of the country believes that their war fleet Panda was able to dominate the South China Sea.

And when asked if the us military intervened in the South China Sea, as much as 74 percent of the respondents said China’s war fleet was still able to beat Uncle Sam’s Country.

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