Conspiracy Behind The Missing MH370

There are 20 Passengers of the MH370 are the U.S. Military Engineers. Freescale, the American company engaged in the production and designing heavy equipment including microchips for the defense industry, said 20 employees were passengers on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 listed as missing since Saturday morning, March 8, 2014.

The 20 employees are Freescale senior staff with details of 12 Malaysian and eight other Chinese. “They all have a lot of experience and technical background. They are a very important person,” said Freescale spokesman, Mitch Haws.

They fly with MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to China to meet business partners in order to improve service to its consumer product purchased.

Freescale’s stock owners include the Carlyle Group, the private equity investors that its owner is a former advisor to the President of the United States, Goerge Bush Sr., and the former of the United Kingdom Prime Minister, John Major.

The Saudi Binladin group, a family-owned construction company and Osama bin Laden, is one of Carlyle’s clients.

No wonder then alleged disappearance MH370 is an evil conspiracy. Previously, the loss of this aircraft is suspected as a form of terrorism.

We are dealing with military organizations, and they are not willing to explain to you, and they especially don’t want to explain something to you if it will mess up their information,” said Hans Weber, an aviation consultant based in San Diego.

According to Hans Weber, the military do not want bad image in the eyes of its country. So far not found evidence of the location of the plane carrying 239 passengers including 12 crew members of aircraft missing since the early hours of Saturday, March 8, 2014.

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A number of experts were currently busy discussing a number of scenarios about what made the Boeing 777 jetliner that went missing after taking off 1.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China.

MH370 with 20 passengers of U.S. Military Engineers, MAS Clamming.
The MAS choose clamming, refused to respond to claims of Freescale, an U.S. companies in the defense industry, claiming that their 20 senior employees are the passenger of MH370.

With regard to the recognition of Freescale, the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) refused to respond. None of the information, especially given the confirmation regarding the manifest and the status of the passengers. There are none authorized MAS staff in Kuala Lumpur found willing press. announces that 20 passengers that flew with 20 Freescale employees MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to China to meet their business partners in order to improve services for the purchased product purchased.

Freescale among other shareholder Carlyle Group, a private equity investor who owned a number of advisers of former President Goerge Bush Sr., the former United Kingdom Prime Minister, John Major.

One of the clients of the Carlyle Group is the Saudi Binladin Group, a family-owned construction company and Osama bin Laden.

Freescale’s Party recognition, reinforcing speculation that the accident happened indeed is not just a matter of commercial passenger aircraft that is missing. But the alleged disappearance MH370 as a result of a crime of conspiracy. Moreover, earlier, had outstanding issue that the aircraft lost due to terrorism.

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The experts also wondered why the jet aircraft flight hundreds of people it could be undetectable? Moreover, the new aircraft was later be detected by radar.

Malaysia Save The Information of MH370
The missing MH370 also be shrouded interstate rivalry involved search process. The competition in the form of information, especially related to military and political interests of those countries. The Sydney Morning Herald, on Saturday, March 22, 2014, news alerts you that a number of countries impressed sorting through information conveyed to the public.

Tom Allard, editor of the media, summarize and analyze any discrepancy in the information from some countries that are considered to be delivered late. All of those votes, making the process of searching the plane have not been fruitful until now.

The gaffe the first information came from Malaysia. Malaysia condemned due to its perceived wrong decision. Related information that is especially plane flights numbered MH370 was apparently turning direction.

Although Malaysia announced the aircraft then veered West at around 02:15 AM local time, but the Malaysia military did not respond to the peculiarity. So the plane was still allowed to fly outside the line that is supposed to be. In fact, at that time there are at least four air force fighters are indeed in standby status until the morning.

The following peculiarities of China. Beijing needs up to three days after the plane vanished to convey the alleged existence of debris. But China then admitted image was recorded a few hours after the aircraft was declared missing. They said it detected three objects floating debris suspected Boeing 777-200ER.

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Also Australia, require indirect information, before passing to the public related to a number of findings. Based on satellite imagery belonging to the United States, the authority managed to detect two large objects that are thought to be part of the wreckage of the plane. The two were detected at the Southern Indian Ocean, or known as the Roaring Forties.

Thailand is the fourth country, neighboring Malaysia, who delivered remarks ten days after the plane disappeared. Authority of Thailand pleaded once stated that MH370 had lost, the radar detected them shortly. Over the slow pace that info, Thailand argued stating that they did because the Malaysian government did not request such information.

Allard also criticize the stance taken by those countries. He described the issue of such information as a lesson in handling the plane crash disaster. According to him, the handling of the plane crash in the era of globalization requires international cooperation more closely.

Looking at the MH370’s case, he considered the question of the information needs to get serious attention. According to him, there needs to be a new precedence between Governments to handle such sensitive issues, especially concerning the military interests of the country. You see, the rescue operation was carried out with regard to the lives of others. “The essence of it was the speed of the rescue operation,” he said.

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