Deputy Mayor Review The Cattle Traders Market

A few beef traders operating in the traditional market in the city of Yogyakarta in two days recently suspended sales of beef. Actions cattle traders as a form of disapproval and protest against the presence of a dark circular contains an appeal to raise the price of beef from beef suppliers from Brosot, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Some stall sales of cattle in Beringharjo traditional market looks empty and only one stall selling beef as Deputy Mayor Imam Priyono in terms with the Head of the Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and Agriculture (Perindagkoptan) Yogyakarta Heru Warjaka Priya, Head of the Markets Department Suyana, Head of Yogyakarta Public Relations and Information Trihastono and some related agency staff, on Friday (18/01/2013). However, in the market of Pathuk and market of Kranggan, there are a few independent merchants and supplier of cattle from Bantul still selling.

The Head of the Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and Agriculture (Perindagkoptan) Yogyakarta Heru Warjaka Priya explained in two days (Thursday, 17 and Friday, January 18th) some traders, especially in Beringharjo market has been stop the sales. This is due to the circular of Bantul Beef Merchants Association which issued an appeal to raise the price of cattle in the market. Described, some traders who had been supplying the meat of Bantul was not agreed with the circulars and better choosing to stop selling. Meanwhile, an independent trader and supplier of cattle from outside Bantul still selling.

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“As long as they (traders) supply of them (cattle traders from Bantul). Well, the independent supplier as in Kranggan still selling in the market. But traders who deal directly with the association gets its impact. Some traders choose to stop selling,” said Heru Priya Warjaka.

According to Heru, circular letter that the Association wants increase in meat price tags around IDR 8,000 per kilogram, so they (the Association) hopes position in the market price of meat is sold at a price tags above IDR 90,000 per kilogram. “Whereas the traders themselves feel normal price below IDR 90K, still benefit. Right now the prices range of meat in the market ranging from IDR 85K to IDR 86K/kg. Based on the information we get today, traders will reopen their wares,” said Heru.

Heru appealed to people do not affected by the actions of a few traders. He hoped the situation returns to normal, where the traders returned to sell and buyers to buy meat at normal price and available.

To overcome the shortage of cattle stock of the small traders, the Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and Agriculture of Yogyakarta has to take action by providing two cows through Slaughter House (RPH). Meat is sold specifically for small traders as traders meatballs, and other retailers.

At the review, seen long queues buyers from small traders to buy beef that is served in the lobby of the Beringharjo.

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Heru added, the Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and Agriculture has yet market operations, but only do security situational only. “We do not conduct market operations. If the operation of the market is not considered enough because we just cut the two tails. Kan not how. So last night estimated at RPH will cut 25 head. Last night just 6 heads plus 2 of us, so 8 heads. Its only 30 percent,” said Heru. The need for beef in the city of Yogyakarta about 6 tons per day, equivalent to 60 head of cattle daily.

Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta, Imam Priyono after monitoring said that the Government of Special Region of Yogyakarta to cope with the things that are able to raise inflation. Everything that touches the economic aspects and the impact could be devastating to the people the government should immediately take a policy and the policy should be able to raise people economics. “Therefore, me and Haryadi (Yogyakarta Mayor) certainly continue to monitor this policy to the Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and Agriculture linked together in conducted economic factors that can hurt the lives of the people of Yogyakarta,” he added.

Deputy Mayor urged the public and the vendors selling beef as usual. Community and merchants are also encouraged to follow the laws of the market mechanism in which the economy will continue to run. Supply and demand everything will go naturally. Just follow the applicable laws of the market and everything will go well.

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In response to a circular issued by the Cattle Merchants Association, Imam Priyono said it was wrong decisions. Deputy Mayor advised all associations to not create a circular issue that’s disturbing the public. Because it will have bad implications in the community. If indeed, this event will really disturbing society, Imam Priyono will return to law enforcement. But he hopes this does not happen.

Meanwhile, a few meat depot owners in Kranggan pleaded not care about that circular. According to the circular, it would be detrimental to the merchant itself, he chose to sell and ignored circulars circulated.

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