Diego Mendieta Died Due To Complications Of The Disease

Former players PERSIS Solo, Diego Mendieta before being treated at the Moewardi Provincial Hospital, has gotten treatment at several hospitals. But the disease that he’s gonzo does not found as well.

Diego died after being treated for several days at Moewardi Hospital at the age of 32 years. Regular players who previously played in the position of a striker it briefly a few times, moving through the hospital to undergo treatment. But a number of doctors at some hospitals has hand up and do not know the disease suffered.

The head of The internal medicine of Moewardi Hospital, Prof. Dr. dr. H Ahmad Thunder Hermawan SpPD-KPTI, FINASIM says, former striker of Persis Solo from Paraguay, Diego Mendieta due to complications of the ail.

Diego was treated at the Dr. Moewardi Hospital since 27 November 2012 and directly handled by the head of The internal medicine, Prof Dr dr H Ahmad Guntur Hermawan.

The information obtained, as early as last November, Diego treated in Yarsis Hospital Solo. Then Diego was diagnosed with Typhoid and hospitalized for up to a week. It was not a week home from the hospital, Diego again hospitalized at PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Solo because his condition weakened.

Based on inquiry of the team doctors, Diego was diagnosed infected by virus Cytomegalovirus. He frequently complained of pain in his eyes and the pain seemed to penetrate to the back of the head. After doctor scanned turns out there really is a viral disease that attacks up to the brain.

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According to Prof Dr dr H Ahmad Guntur Hermawan, not only got a virus, when checked up, it is known that there are mycos that grow on the esophagus and digestive tract is thought to Diego. “This myco called Candidiasis, and this is what form he’s not hooked.

This myco and virus that makes durability his body weakened. Possibly, viruses and mycos have infection to the body since a long time, at least in the last few months.

Diego’s condition at last week got worse because doctors also diagnose that Diego was positive contracted dengue fever Dengue. The resilience of the body that is getting weak, makes a lot of other diseases strike. When checked, he got low platelet, turns out to be true he also hit Dengue fever dengue.

Almost week-long treated PKU Muhammadiyah hospital authorities have not found the disease suffered Diego, so referred to the Dr. Mawardi Hospital, until finally breathed last.

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