Early 2013 Will Decorated By Meteor Shower

Scientists of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reported, the phenomenon of the Quadrantids meteor shower will begin in early 2013. This meteor shower will take place within a few hours, that the Saint can be seen in the sky before dawn.

As reported by Ibtimes on Monday (12/31/2012), the sky is going to meet the 2013 peak with spectacular shows when the Quadrantids meteor shower takes place in the early morning on January 3, 2013. Meteor shower is expected to reach an average maximum, i.e. 80 meteors per hour and the possibility that number could exceed to 200 meteors per hour.

According to NASA, the Quadrantid meteor shower begins on the first day of 2013. However, the peak will be seen until early morning on January 4, 2013. “The Quadrantid meteor shower has an average maximum of around 100 per hour, or a variation of 60 to 200 meteors per hour,” said NASA spokesman.

NASA agency, said the moon also will appear bright in at 3 am local time. Before dawn, the peak of this rare phenomenon can be seen for two hours.

NASA official website explains the history of the Quadrantids meteor. Quadrantids derived from the name of the constellation Quadrans muralis, which was discovered by French astronomer, Jerome Lalande in 1795. Quadrans muralis is in the constellation Bootes and Draco.

NASA explains, Quadrans an astronomical instrument used for observing the star plot. Although the constellation is no longer recognized by astronomers, but this constellation has been long enough to show the meteor shower was first seen in 1825.

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