Edhie Baskoro Resigned from The House

Democratic Party Secretary-General, Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono resigned as a member of the House of Representatives because he wanted to concentrate on taking care of the tasks of the party.

“I formally resign from a member of The House. I would like to concentrate on the tasks as Secretary General of his duties to the future will be more and will spend much time and energy,” said Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono in The House of Representatives, in Jakarta on Thursday (13/02/2013).

On that occasion, Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono or Ibas also apologized to the community particularly who had selected him as a member of Parliament in the electoral region of East Java VII, on the election.

Ibas say many thanks to the people who became his constituents for the support and cooperation over the years.

According to him, during the next year and a half until the legislative elections of 2014 his duties as Secretary General of the Democratic Party will be increasingly heavy, so he was forced to resign from Parliament to concentrate on the party.

Ibas explained, if he is still a member of the House then certainly will not run well and effective.

The son of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has also stated, did not want to give heavy weight to the Faction of the Democratic Party Parliament that already plays a major role in carrying out his duties in the House.

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Ibas promised, the struggle he has done during this election the East Java region VII could be continued by his successor selected through the mechanism of substitution between time (PAW) in the Democratic Party.

“God willing, what I stand for and do during this particularly for the General Ngawi, Magetan, Ponorogo and Pacitan, Trenggalek, will be forwarded to my successor in the PAW to come,” said Ibas.

To his colleagues members of the Democratic faction in The Parliament, Ibas also congratulate struggled to interest people.

Whereas, for members of The House of other factions, Ibas also say thank you for your cooperation during this time.

“I apologise if this unity in the association and there are things that are less pleasing,” close the Ibas.

Members of The House Commission I is added, he will deliver a letter of his resignation to the Chairman of the House of Representatives of Indonesia, Marzuki Alie, General Chairman of the Democratic Party, Chairman of the Faction of the Democratic Party, as well as Chairman of Nurhayati Assegaf I Parliament Commission Mahfouz Siddiq.

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