Elections Delayed The New Airport

The fate of a plan to build an international airport in Kulonprogo will be resumed after the implementation of the legislative election held April 9, 2014.

Currently the realization of the construction airports still rested on the documents area of the safety of flight operations because PT Jogja Magasa Iron (JMI) and PT Angkasa Pura (AP) has not encountered an intersection.

The Head Regent of Kulonprogo, Hasto Danar, said, construction of the airport would have continued just now all parties are still the focus of legislative elections are held next month.

There has been no progress of the safety of flight operations,” he said on Sunday March 9, 2014.

The Governor of DIY has been working hard, including mediation efforts between PT JMI and PT AP.

Kulon Progo Regency of Yogyakarta as an arm of the local government in charge on the field also has the commitment and hard work in order to realize the construction of the airport in Kulon Progo .

The Head County of Temon, Djaka Prasetya, no activity related to the realization of the construction airports in the field until legislative elections running.

Currently only citizen logging and it is already done respectively by villages,

The Government Districts just follow the instruction of Kulonprogo Regency about technical things to do in airport construction.

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