England Floods, Blame Indonesia

An article with this title prominently appeared on Bloomberg news online portal on February, 12, 2014. Titled: England Floods, Blame Indonesia, written by Marc Champion, a member of Bloomberg’s editorial View, all of a sudden trigger responses varied Indonesia netizens.

Is it true that UK blamed Indonesia? Marc Champion in his article that set the record straight that this is just an error of interpretation of UK Meteorological Agency report (Met Office) which actually just reported the results of the analysis of meteorological occurrences of storms and floods that swept the United Kingdom some time this last.

Rather than a comment without acknowledge sitting problem, I download the entire report from the Met Office, things that I normally do, good for learning management environment in United Kingdom Kingdom and after returning to the motherland. His report is quite comprehensive.

From the report as thick as 27 pages, it is several times referred to Indonesia, but not in the context of blame but rather describes the phenomenon of flooding in Indonesia which occurred this year that recognized it prolonged. Very different patterns of rain and floods that occurred in previous years. This report should be read and understood by Indonesia, experts can simultaneously explain scientific phenomena, precipitation and floods are happening, instead of blaming the Government of Jakarta who even accused fails with a number of projects in anticipation of a flood.

Referring to the report of the scientific explanation, Marc tried to explain with simple language as a phenomenon of its wings of a butterfly. As a saying that a butterfly flap corners in Indonesia of wind can be felt up to America. Does that mean no one place in this world that is not mutually connected and influence each other, as long as we acknowledge that we live in the same planet named planet Geos (Earth).

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This increasingly popular adage when the world community was shocked by the phenomenon of global warming (global warming) the last few decades and then successfully proved the macro climate pattern has changed across the surface of the Earth (global climate change).

The decline of forest area in the world, especially tropical forests, either due to logging, conversion or fire, it has reduced the ability of the Earth to cultivate back carbon dioxide (CO²) into oxygen (O²). Due to the amount of CO² that the atmosphere form a sort of wandering in layers similar to the roof of a greenhouse (green house) that make the hot sun comes to the Earth is not entirely off the back into the atmosphere but rather memantul-mantul on the surface of the Earth at low altitudes so that the Earth’s temperature became hot. And supposedly hot it propagate up to the North and South poles caused the ice on Antarctica and Greenland is melting faster and a lot more.

Even according to the Met Office reports, due to the high intensity and long that occurred in Indonesia and the air pressure system in the Pacific deflecting air currents and high speed (jet stream) to the North, which forced the cold temperatures to the South Pole and brings snow and cold temperatures to the United States. Because of the air polar spread North and East of the Atlantic, collided with the warm tropical air in the Pacific so that the resulting temperature gradient occurs at the onset of the storm.

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