Eric Schmidt Visit The North Korean, U.S. Furious

United States criticized the planned visit of the Google Chief’s, Eric Schmidt to the North Korea, which is not considered in a timely manner after the incident a rocket launch by Pyongyang last month that drew widespread condemnation.

Eric Schmidt, the chief of Google that has the unofficial motto “Do not Be Evil”, is planning to visit North Korea with former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, a figure that often solve problems related to the North Korea.

Richardson has visited North Korea several times in the last 20 years and was involved in negotiating the release of citizen-u.s. citizens detained in the country.

The news about the visit, described as a private visits by Washington and Seoul, it came several weeks after Pyongyang confirmed that it arrested several U.S. citizen of Korea and said that US citizens will be tried for war crimes which were not mentioned in detail.

In earlier days, Pyongyang agreed to hand over U.S. citizens detained in the important figures such as former US President Bill Clinton. Some observers argue that this time participation of Eric Schmidt will be necessary.

A spokesman for the U.S. State Department, Victoria Nuland, clearly conveys the attitude of Washington which less enthusiastic toward the Mission’s visit and told the reporters that Schmidt and Richardson already know about it.

Pyongyang defended them self by saying that the launch is done it is pure science missions intended to put a satellite in space. However, the international community sees it as a test of banned ballistic missile based on the resolutions of the United Nations.

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Nuland said Schmidt and Richardson will be set out in the unofficial capacity. They do not carry any message as the U.S.

When asked whether the two leaders had been notified about the objections of Washington regarding the time ill-fitting, Nuland responded, “they’re very know our view of what it looks like.”

So far, Google refused to formally justify the existence of the plan the visit.

A Richardson’s staff told AFP that he would be out of the country until Friday and could not comment.

Richardson’s last visit to Pyongyang was in 2010 when he met with the North Korea’s chief nuclear negotiator in an effort to lower tensions after the North Korea doing blasting on an island on the border with the South Korea.

U.S. citizens were detained in November, Pae Jun-Ho, entered the North Korea as travelers, according to the North Korea News Agency (KCNA), which said the Pae has admitted committing crimes against North Korea.

Most residents of the isolated North Korea of foreign news and information sources.

Most citizens have no access to computers, let alone the Internet. Google put its activities in neighboring North Korea, China, and all this time have to fight face the problem of censorship by the Government.

In 2010, Google effectively shut down its search engine in China network and move the users to a site in Hong Kong, which is not censored.

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When asked how the U.S. feeling seeing Google helped North Korea build its Internet infrastructure, Nuland warned that all the United States companies exposed to the rules to give economic sanctions currently imposed on North Korea.

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