Exciting Battle Kopassus vs SAS in Borneo

In 1963, Indonesia involved confrontation with Malaysia. President Sukarno ordered the Commander of The TNI rolling out revised Dwikora Operation to thwart the formation of a new country, Malaysia.

There was no official declaration of war as military operation seize Trikora in West Papua. Therefore the TNI did not send troops openly. They send guerrillas to help North Borneo National Army (TNKU) who fought against the Government of Malaysia.

Although called the guerrillas, most of them are members of the elite ARMY troops instead. As the army Commandos Regiment (RPKAD) now called Kopassus. In addition there is also The Rapid Action Force (PGT) of the Indonesia Air Force. TNI uniform was replaced with a green uniform of TNKU. Their identities were forged to remove traces of the involvement of Indonesia.

“All TNI identity is revoked. Don’t get caught us ARMY troops. We created a new identity, birth of Borneo. Greens TNKU clothes with hats of the jungle,” said Nadi, a former enlisted member of RPKAD.

The task of this annoying border guerrillas along the Sabah, Sarawak and some parts of Borneo. They are also tasked to train the residents of North Borneo to fight.

Malaysian Army pressed then enlisted the help of British assistance. No liabilities in the British directly send a battalion commandos of Special Air Services (SAS). This is the best elite of United Kingdom troops whose reputation known throughout the world. United Kingdom also sent additional army, Gurkha and SAS from New Zealand and Malaysia.

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British Forces Commander in Malaya, major General Walter Walker felt the need to bring in SAS because it felt just elite force that could stem the guerrilla forces from Indonesia. Walker does not want to fall victim to a lot more in the United Kingdom.

The battle between SAS and the Gurkha fight guerrillas TNKU takes place. Heavily jungle of Borneo witnesses battles that was never reported to the media. Sometimes the United Kingdom defeated the TNKU guerrillas in combat. Sometimes the TNKU militants hit the SAS and Gurkha. It is difficult to record in certain data.

In a battle in the village of Sakilkilo dated July 10, 1964, recorded of TNKU victory. It was two platoon of Gurkha against a platoon of TNKU. In the battle, 20 Gurkha shot dead, and TNKU successfully without any casualties of the forces.

In an another mission, the Chief of Guerrilla Force Commander Maj. L. Benny Moerdani had become the target of SAS sniper. Luckily, SAS sniper did not make shots.

Indonesia troops also briefly captured a soldier of the SAS in the battle. The plan will be taken to the Jakarta as evidence there is involvement of the Britain. However, because of the difficulty of the terrain, this trigger prisoners died on the way.

From the fighting in Borneo was also later learned guerrilla tactics developed the SAS fought in the jungle. If never dealing with Indonesia’s elite troops, they will not have any of these tactics.

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