F-16 Fighter: The Legendary Of The Cold War

F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter is one of the popular and very successful in the market. As many as 25 countries in the world, including the United States as the country of the creator, using the aircraft to strengthen its fleet of aerial combat.

Since the start of mass production at 1976, there have been more than 4,500 F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters were sold to the rest of the world. It’s just, this aircraft has not been produced for the United States air force, but it is still for the export market.

As in other combat equipment, an F-16 also cannot escape from competition or the cold war between the Western bloc led by the United States, and the Eastern bloc led by the Soviet Union at that time.

F-16 project began when the United States got the news that the Soviet Union developed a project on Central MiG 25 which referred to have a more nimble maneuverability due to light and has the ability of weaponry, especially the air to air missiles.

United States are responding by the project F-15 Eagle. It’s just that, a group of US air force top brass who refer to themselves as “Fighter Mafia” insisted that the F-15 Eagle is still not optimal.

United States still need a lightweight fighter aircraft, nimble maneuverability, with reliable and good weaponry, especially the air to air missiles.

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The insistence of the Fighter Mafia is making United States finally agreed to start the project F-16 Fighting Falcon. As the winner of the project is the General Dynamics, to then produce it in 1976. In 1993, General Dynamics acquisition of Lockheed Corporation which turns into Lockheed Martin.

The F-16 was made in two versions, single-seat version for IE only for pilots and two-seat version for the pilot and co pilot. Two versions were then developed further into several variants called the block as a sign of any significant updates.

Updates are done it could include many things that in principle make the aircraft the F-16 is much better and effective tool for fighting.

A Variant that can be done for example by modifications to aircraft engines, radar or weapons that can be attached or brought to the plane. A variant which makes F-16 resilient in aerial combat between aircraft in close proximity or dog fight.

Arguably, the F-16 of Fame into the realm of global cannot be separated from the role of a Hollywood movie star, Tom Cruise. Thanks to Tom Cruise in the role as pilot of a playboy, was a bit urakan but gifted in flying the F-16 block 15 in the film Top Gun, F-16, so it is very popular.

Indonesia has F-16 block 32 and 52 blocks which are produced in the early 2000s. F-16 Block the latest is Block 72 where Indonesia has not been able to buy it. Price of the F-16 Block 72 is mentioned around 120-150 million US dollars.

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