Facebook Messenger Gives Voice on iOS and Android

Facebook has updated its Messenger application for iOS and Android, the latter now provides the ability to send voice messages.

On last December, Facebook has proposed a new version of Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS that allows to communicate with user contacts, without having to have a Facebook account.

The application is based to do this only on a name and a phone number, and load scan the contacts in the phonebook to find other Facebook Messenger users, with whom it is possible to freely discuss.

After launching the very questionable application Poke, Facebook is updating its Messenger application (which passes through 2.1) and now provides the ability to send voice messages. To do this, just the user to record their message that will be sent and inserted into the text exchanges.

Practice! Better yet, the application will also directly call their contacts, and this for free of course, via VoIP. This feature should be available in the coming weeks.

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