FIFA Penalties The Hungarian National Team As ‘Frills’ Iran and Israel

The World Football Federation (FIFA) has ordered the national team of Bulgaria and Hungary to undergo qualifying World Cup 2014 without any spectators in the stadium.

An injunction issued this FIFA following the racist actions against the opposing team and bring the frills of Iran and Israel. FIFA issued the sentence on Tuesday January 8, 2013.

FIFA imposed a fine of SFr 35,000 swiss france or equivalent US $ 38,000 to Bulgaria national football team. Similarly, the Hungarian national team dropped a fine of SFr 40,000 swiss france or equivalent US $ 43.400.

Bulgaria national team fined because their supporters do the monkey chant to the Danish defender Patrick Mtiliga, who is black, during the 2014 World Cup qualifier in Sofia on last October 12, 2012.

While the Hungarian national team a penalty imposed because fans hurl anti-Semitic slogans. They also reported unfurled the flag of Iran intends to humiliate Israel on August 15, 2012 in a friendly match in Budapest.

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