Fighter Jet Flight Closed To Commercial Aircraft, Passengers Shocked

A Fighter Jet Flight Closed To Commercial Aircraft, Passengers Shocked. A number of passengers of the plane numbered flights Airline Monarch ZB983 shocked by the presence of a fighter jet in the left side of their aircraft. The pilot of the fighter jet is clearly visible from the passenger seats, Monarch Airline flight from Madeira, Portugal, to Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The plane right next to our window. Very close to visible pilots,” said a passenger, Caroline Regan (71).

Caroline flying with her husband, Tony. They just got back from two weeks holiday in Madeira. Both of them were flying from the airport of Funchal at 10.40 pm local time and sat in rows of passenger seats, in the central part of the side that is parallel with the wings and engines of the aircraft. Caroline confessed quite often travel by plane. However, the first time she saw combat aircraft flew as close as that with plane.

Some other passengers joined the stand from their seats to ensure the presence of a known fighter planes belonging to the French air force. Some of the passengers claimed to panic and fear of something happening with the plane they were travelling.

The captain of Monarch Airline to notify through loudspeakers that the fighter aircraft seen passengers is jet Rafale, it is the property of the French military. It is a reconnaissance aircraft or reconnaissance (recce).

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Monarch Airline reveals, the jet fighter accidentally summoned because the plane ZB983 from Funchal to Birmingham which flew on 12 October that got out of line of communication center for air traffic control. “The plane that ZB983 got out of lines of communication. At the same time, the plane was French airspace. According to applicable procedures, when a plane lost contact, military aircraft will be launched to intercept the aircraft,” said the Monarch spokesman.

Shortly after the presence of the military aircraft, commercial aircraft, Monarch Airline ZB983 communications with the air traffic control center back to normal. Flights can be resumed as all schedules.

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