Four New Flight Companies in Indonesia in 2013

The symbol of air traffic that is growing very quickly on the very promising Indonesian market, four new companies will make their appearance in Indonesia in 2013.

The first of these four companies is Batik Air, a subsidiary of Lion Air, which has obtained the authority to operate 66 domestic flights and 20 international routes. Its first flights expected in may 2013 will be operated by Boeing 737-900ER. Batik Air will be based in Manado on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. It should be noted that Lion Air is distinguished in November 2011 with the largest order of Boeing 737’s history with 201 Boeing 737 MAX and 29 Boeing 737 – 900ER.

The three other new companies, still waiting to obtain the approvals to operate in Indonesia, expected to begin in the third and fourth quarter of next year. It was first Nam Air, subsidiary of Sriwijaya Air, third company of the country after Lion Air and the national airline Garuda Indonesia, which plans to operate 20 Embraer E-190 for short distances.

The third company is named Kartika Airlines and must operate with the Sukhoi Superjet 100, Kartika has confirmed its order for 30 Sukhoi Superjet 100 from 86 to 103 seats, in July 2012 despite the tragic accident of the Superjet fall in Mount Salak in Indonesia in May 2012. Finally, the fourth Jatayu Air company should operate a Boeing 737. But the latter should no doubt have more difficulties in obtaining permissions, if it uses the old 737-200 fire Jatayu Airlines, which the Government of Indonesia had suspended the license in 2007 after the security breach.

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The Indonesia, which has an area spread over 17,000 islands with a population of 250 million inhabitants is promised to a very strong air traffic growth (+ 20% on these only last years). Last year, it counted 139 1 million passengers (an increase of 27.5%), compared with 109.3 millions of passengers a year earlier. By the end of this year, its traffic should be 145 million passengers.

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