Free Internet Access Throughout Malioboro

The community and tourists to visit Malioboro now can access the internet free from the north end to point zero. PT Telkom (Persero) Tbk has installed wifi connection Cyber Street Malioboro. The connection is part of the DIY Digital Government Services.

“Malioboro is the center of the city and central tourist destination,” said General Director of PT Telkom Arief Yahya after the signing of a memorandum of understanding between PT Telkom with The Special Region of Yogyakarta Government and Municipal government of The City of Yogyakarta in Pracimosono, Kepatihan Complex.

Arief targeting users of those services is a young people. The hope, young people use free internet access in Malioboro to develop creative economy. “If there’s wifi, a young people’s feeling of home,” said Arief.

The Governor of The Special Region of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, the internet service that originally applied in 500 elementary and Junior High School in Yogyakarta. Each school provided 20 computer unit. The hope, in addition to the students understand information technology, they can also make the subjects perceived scourge becomes easy.

The Head of Department of Tourism of The Special Region of Yogyakarta, M. Tazbir hoping not only all the way on to Malioboro are wifi ready. Other major roads he hoped to apply the same access. Tazbir justifies, that area of public space for the people in the new collection is provided at zero point. many of the concrete bench provided there to where people can sit back while accessing the internet. And along the way became the business center in Malioboro.

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Arief explains, the program is part of the program the installation target of 20 million broadband nationally. Currently, in addition to The Special Region of Yogyakarta, has also been menyasar in Bali and Jakarta. Installation of internet access in DIY focused on governance, education, health care, the economy, as well as public space Malioboro. The Target installation for The Special Region of Yogyakarta, there are 40 thousand access points is done gradually until 2015. Currently there are already 10 thousand access points installed. The installation cost of a point approximately IDR 5 million.

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