Freeport Lying, The Contract Will Be Withdrawn By the Government of Indonesia

To this day, Freeport Indonesia has not provided information will be an extension of their mining contracts in Papua, Indonesia. Basically unlike previously reported on the website Freeport about consent and agreement contract extension in Indonesia. (read: News Releases Details)

Meanwhile the Coordinating Minister for maritime and Resources, Rizal Ramli, a requirement if still interested dredge Freeport Indonesia in Papua’s natural wealth in the form of gold and copper. The reason for this, the Indonesian people do not enjoy the benefits of the extension of a contract with a subsidiary of Freeport McMoran.

The Government of Indonesia will revoke the contract work of PT Freeport Indonesia in not fulfilling three main requirement, i.e. the increase in royalty gold and copper processing, hazardous waste and removing the stock (divestment). Gold reserves from the giant mining company this could be used to help the strengthening of the Rupiah exchange rate against the United States Dollar.

Do not pay royalties of 1 percent again, raise so 6-7 percent. Copper royalty should also be higher. Don’t waste carelessly without being processed and don’t facing the reasons don’t want to stock divestment,” Rizal stated at an event Rembug Nasional Peringatan Satu Tahun Jokowi-JK (A Year Anniversary of Jokowi-JK Leadership) in Jakarta.

Rizal added, another mining company, Newmont and others, no one dare as Freeport Indonesia. PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara and other mining companies reports processing before being dumped into a river or sea.

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Why Freeport dared? Sorry it’s because our officials easily master calms him. If I talk more details, it can written on the New York Times, so we save it first,” he said.

He explained further, it’s time for the Government of Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla to rewrite the history of natural resources management Indonesia considering there are very large gold reserves of about 23 million ounce, neither with reserves of copper.

We’re not anti foreigner, but first pay more fair. If Freeport would do, we are just willing to negotiation. Otherwise, return the works contract. Can we really enter the gold reserves (Freeport) to spare the Bank Indonesia (BI), Rupiah may strengthened 5,000 per USD 1.” said Rizal.

Accordingly, he requested that the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Sudirman Said to negotiate a contract according to the rules applicable, ie two years before the contract expires in 2021. So the new negotiations process could begin in 2019.

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