Functions of The House Budget 2012 Has Contra-People

The Community Care Forum of Indonesia Parliament (Formappi) assess the function of the House of Representatives budget by 2012 ranging from discussion of The State Budget is not enough Changes to provide the needs of the people, instead of the dominant defense of the Government.

Sebastian Salang, Formappi coordinators assess current grant and income from RAPBN, numbers presented the Government of IDR 1292 trillion. After the entered the deliberations of PARLIAMENT, increased to IDR 1311 trillion. There is an additional revenue of IDR 11.4 trillion.

From the STATE BUDGET to the BUDGET Changes numbers back increases to IDR 1358 trillion, meaning that any additional IDR 29.1 trillion. If added together, from the STATE BUDGET to RAPBN-P is IDR 40.6 trillion.

“We asked what the Government was deliberately not report revenues are not honest when stacking Budget? Government and Parliament allegedly deliberately conceal the real state revenues,” said Sebastian in Jakarta on Thursday (29/12/2012).

Surefire, game opportunity corruption on this budget into a land of corruption in which the House of Representatives passed the commissions in it, particularly in determining the allocation of the Central Government budget, transfer of funds and regional adjustment.

The House of Representatives also invisible fight for the public budget. They further increase state spending. Seen in the Budget, the government proposed IDR 1418 trillion and IDR 1435 trillion The House of Representatives add, and rose again in the revised budget of IDR 1548 trillion.

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Even more worrying, the increase in the state budget allocated IDR 129.9 trillion, even bigger for IDR 71.3 trillion routine development expenditure than IDR 65 trillion.

“Where is the position of the parliamentary budget to determined alignments on development spending? Suspected a conspiracy between the game and the Parliament and the Government. Moreover, the House of Representatives until now not given clear judgment,” he said.

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