Galaxy S2: Jelly Bean Update Shrinks Memory

The Galaxy S2 will receive an update to Jelly Bean, it will have the opportunity to get Android 4.1. Samsung reveals on its website the details of this migration has a negative impact especially on memory.

The Galaxy S2 will have the opportunity to receive an update to Android. This phone is a real success since it is the second smartphone flagship brand since its launch. Thus, the mobile Android 4.1 and benefit from all the improvements of the operating system. By cons, some mobile users should not be thrilled to learn they will lose memory.

On the site, indicates that Samsung memory from 12 GB to 11 GB, will lose 1 GB to be used by the system, because the changes are numerous. The Galaxy S2 will have the opportunity to be improved since the update should last at least 1 hour as indicated by Samsung, so this time let predict profound changes.

Various improvements
By cons, Galaxy S2 Android 4.1 only to migrate via Kies. Smartphone owners will be delighted to learn that the features available on the S3 or Note 2 will also be available on the S2. So you can benefit from:

  1. Blocking Mode
  2. Easy Mode
  3. Pop-up Play
  4. Stay Smart: The Galaxy remain lit when the user is in front
  5. Additional features to the camera (pause)
  6. Application installation as Play Books, Movies or Play Google+
  7. The interface will be improved with a fast and fluid use
  8. Using simplified applications
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Samsung also says that the update will affect some applications that are not optimized for Android 4.1. It could have compatibility issues. Korean shows no launch date, but the update should be effective in a few days.

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