Google Street View Start Record Indonesia

Google is rumored to have recorded one of Indonesia’s tourism destinations. Chances are, Google secretly working on a panoramic photo service Street View in Indonesia.

“Google makes the services that exist on Google Maps, which records pictures of the tourism destination,” said a reliable source to YogyaPost. However, these sources do not mention any tourism destinations have been recorded by Google.

Because Street View first in Indonesia is related to tourism, the service is planned to be established by the Indonesia Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu.

Google will indeed host the event with the Ministry of tourism and the Creative Economy on this day, Thursday (18/10/2012). The invitation has been made to the media. However, the two parties finally put off the event.

Google has launched Google Art Project in early April 2012, which recorded 100 historic objects collection of National Museum of Indonesia.

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