Governments Make Easy Access Visa for Foreign in Indonesia

With the more dynamic movement of cross country, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to make immigration rule changes for easy access visa foreign citizens, mainly for ex-Indonesia Citizen.

The statement delivered in the announcement on the official Secretariat of the Cabinet of the Republic of Indonesia. President of Joko Widodo rate changes in the form of an extension of the residence permit of the visit for the sake of facilitating foreign citizens of ex-Citizen and family epoch into Indonesia.

The new changes are listed in the Government Regulation number 26 2016 about changes to PP Number 31 2013 On Regulations Implementing Act No. 6 of the year 2011 about Immigration that mention, diplomatic and service visas for multiple-journey can be valid 12 months since the permit is issued.

In addition, there is the addition of new terms such as visa for multiple-journey can be valid up to five years as of the date of the permit.

The Government Regulation signed by President Joko Widodo on June 27, 2016 and then also change the period of the residence permit of foreigners especially ex-Citizen in Indonesia.

In the provision before the change, a residence permit for a single visit visa and a multiple-journey (multiple entry) only applies the longest given 60 days after admission. Today, the span of time that can be extended at most four times, with each renewal period is 30 days.

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Now, the changes mentioned the time limit provisions stay for foreigners that do not apply to ex-Citizen and their families, who are the holders of a multiple entry visa.

“The visit of the residence permit for foreigners ex-Citizen and their families can be renewed at most two times and the period of any extension of the longest 60 days,” the sound of Article 136 paragraph (5).

PP mention this change took effect since enacted and ratified on 28 June. However, the visa that had been owned by foreigners and residence permit visits ex-Citizen since before the changes remain valid until the Act runs out.

In addition to those who have applied for a visa and residence permit but is still in the process, changes in REGULATION have been in force on the visa.

With the granting of visas for ease in foreigners to Indonesia it became the chance of increasing the number of foreign tourists to Indonesia. According to BPS data in 2014, the number of foreign tourists to Indonesia reached more than 9.43 million. This figure is up from the previous year, namely 8.802 million.

Meanwhile, according to data released by the Tourism Ministry last February to mention during 2015, more than 10.4 million foreign tourists have come to Indonesia. This figure surpasses the target of The Ministry of Tourism claimed foreign tourists, i.e. 10 million foreign visitors.

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In his statement, Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya stated growth House in 2015 and then of 7.2 percent and bring in foreign exchange to the country amounting to US $11.9 billion or IDR 163 trillion.

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