Habibie Is The Dog Of Imperialism In Utusan Malaysia Newspaper

The third President of The Republic of Indonesia, B.J. Habibie insulted by former of Malaysia Information Minister, Zainudin Maidins. In his article published in the Utusan Malaysia newspaper, Zainudin said that Habibie were traitors of Indonesia.

One of Habibie’s fault according to Zainudin is already taking off East Timor from the territory of Indonesia in 1999. He ended the service in disgrace after becoming President since October 20, 1999, wrote Zainudin.

In a paper entitled ‘Persamaan BJ Habibie dengan Anwar Ibrahim. (EN: The Equality Between BJ Habibie And Anwar Ibrahim)’, Zainudin was criticized both. Zainudin accused Habibie be cut in the folds of the Indonesian President Suharto. This is similar to what the government Mahathir Mohammad Anwar.

Well, it seemed outrageously peaks are at the end. In fact they are both no more than The Dog Of Imperialism, he writes off.

Of course, the article makes some of Indonesian politicians growled. One of them is a member of Parliament from the PAN faction Teguh Juwarno. I think it is indecent words is not worth telling by a former of Malaysia Information Minister moreover, regret Teguh Juwarno on Tuesday (11/12).

According to Teguh Juwarno, although in question claimed that his (Zainudin Maidins) personal opinion, but it’s still really not fair. This is related to a feud in Malaysia related to local politics. But then, do not carry around Habibie who has served as Indonesia’s head of State, said Teguh Juwarno.

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Teguh Juwarno proposed that Indonesia delivered the protest to Malaysia over the abuse. Here in my opinion harassment against the former head of the country indeed that I propose for the protests, he said.

He said, if correct then the House of Representatives Commission will conduct a protest, addressed to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I personally to his proposal was banish Malaysia’s Ambassador. But, this depends on the courage of our head of State to do that, he said.

Further he said, Commission I of The House of Representatives can follow up on this issue by requesting information from Malaysia’s Ambassador in Indonesia.

On the other hand, the third President, BJ Habibie relaxed response to accusations that he was a traitor of Indonesia by Zainuddin Maidins. Habibie actually considers censure of Zainuddin it as a compliment.

Habibie responded the accusations of Zainuddin through his Facebook. If someone insults you, take it as a compliment that they spend so much time thinking about you, when you don’t even give a second thinking about them, wrote Habibie at the Habibie Center page on Facebook.

As is known, Zainuddin wrote an op-ed in the Utusan Malaysia newspaper. In an article released yesterday (10/12), Zainuddin called Habibie is a traitor of the nation because it has been stripped off of East Timor from Indonesia in 1999.

Zainuddin deliver it in an academic speech in response to Habibie in front of Council Pro Canselor University of Shah Alam, Selangor on December 6, 2012. Habibie gave a speech in that forum at the invitation of Anwar Ibrahim who is now known as Malaysia opposition figure.

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