Head To Yogyakarta, Abu Rizal Bakrie denies Seducing Sultan

Ahead of the 2014 Elections, Golkar party intensified approached the number one of The Special Region of Yogyakarta, ISKS Hamengkubuwono X on today (01/19/2013), General Chairman of the Golkar party Abdurizal Bakrie (ARB), went to the residence of ISKS Hamengkubuwono X.

The meeting lasted more than an hour. ARB came earlier than the scheduled 8 AM local time. After the meeting, they are denied if the meetings are part of a succession Candidate and Communications on the 2014 Election as repeatedly voiced of Local Councils (DPD) of Golkar Yogyakarta Special Region. It looks compact, a meeting that according to them to account for the future of Indonesia.

“We have nothing to do with the election. Just talk.” Sultan told reporters when dropping out Aburizal Bakrie at the Kraton Kilen.

But he said if the meeting was linked to the political constellation of the 2014 election it was reasonable for Aburizal Bakrie, because he is a General Chairman of the party. But the matter of chance Sultan nomination as vice presidential candidate, he is not the authority to reply. “Do not ask me, just asked him,” he said.

Conversely, between Aburizal Bakrie with Lapindo Holdings mud case worth running for president, Sultan was also reluctant to comment. All of it became public assessment.

Aburizal Bakrie said the meeting was a real aspiration of the undercurrent. “We talk about people, how this country forward. What is the situation now. How to fix it in the future,” he explained.

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