China’s military maneuvers around Natuna

A Chinese warship routine patrolling in the South China Sea. They are at once deploying the war exercises in the area that is being disputed with several Southeast Asian countries that.

In training that they honed the ability to, control, quick response, and protection.

The China Ocean newspaper last year preaching in China has put the civilian patrol boats weighing 5,000 tons in the waters of the South China Sea. The ship was placed in the Paracel Islands, Sansha.

China will gradually establish a system of regular patrols in Sansha in order to protect their maritime interests.

Patrols by the Chinese in the South China Sea is generally carried out by civilian patrol vessels, although the Chinese Navy regularly conducts military exercises there.

One of the patrol’s focus is search and rescue operations as well as “quick response, orderly and effective manner to emergencies at sea“.

Develop A Bases near the Natuna Islands

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