China’s military maneuvers around Natuna

Develop A Bases near the Natuna Islands
China claims the measures unilaterally making steamy South China Sea Nations in Southeast Asia, ranging from Viet Nam, the Philippines, even Indonesia. In support of that claim, turns out China is quietly building a fortress on the Lake which is now a dispute over a number of countries.

It was revealed in a satellite photo spread one of the media in the United States, Vox. In the photo, it looks central China send Naval construction equipment to a small island in the middle of the sea, and quickly make it larger than the size of the previous one.

Vox believe, the photos were taken from the Cluster near the Spratly Islands, where that location is still the site of a dispute between China, the Philippines and Vietnam. This picture was taken from the Airbus Defence and Space on November 14, 2014, and released to the public as early as this March.

In the first photo shows coral conditions late August. When it is, the whole body of the island entirely still inundated and there have only been a concrete built AL China. However, in the second photo, major changes occurred in the same location where the width of the island became a 3,000 yard.

Mingle with foreign ships passing

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