China’s military maneuvers around Natuna

Mingle with foreign ships passing
In May 2014, Vietnam officials said the Chinese ship rammed and sank the ship fish Vietnam near the location of drilling for oil in the South China Sea.

According to Vietnam spoken, a coast guard ship fish surrounded by 40 Chinese ship before finally being attacked. About 10 fishermen who were on board that have been saved, as reported by the BBC, may 2014.

Vietnam and China relations increasingly strained in disputes concerning the South China Sea.

Earlier, China has moved the oil drilling Haiyang Shiyou 981 to the sea that is also claimed by Hanoi, which is near the Paracel Islands.

Viet Nam has already protested over the action.

A number of incidents involving the vessel in the waters of the two countries also dispute has happened a few times.

China’s refusal to move oil drilling triggered the protest anti-China in early May that Vietnam. The incident killed at least two people and some factories were burned.

Send warship Liaoning nearby Malaysia

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