Malaysia Airlines MH17 Crashed in Ukraine

An aircraft belonging to Malaysia Airlines MH17 crashed in Ukraine. A number of aviation sources cited Russia, Interfax news agency, Thursday (17/7/2014).

The plane, which had a route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, carrying 295 people on board, crashed near the border of Ukraine and Russia.

A Malaysia Airlines spokesman confirmed there had been an incident of one of its planes and will issue an official statement in a short time.

The aircraft that crashed was believed to be a Boeing 777 with flight numbers MH17, which left Amsterdam, Netherlands at at 12 PM local time.

The plane was flying near the town of Shaktarsk in the region of Donetsk rebel-controlled pro-Russia, when it disappeared from radar and the helper team is heading to the region.

Video footage allegedly of aircraft Malaysia Airlines which crashed in Ukraine MH17 circulating on YouTube.

[youtube JhUkqs9CQ0w]

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