Heavy Rain Caused A Cold Lava Flood Of Merapi

Heavy rains almost every day in Magelang, Central Java, resulting in a flood of cold lava on Mount Merapi.

Heavy rains caused flooding cold lava from the peak of Merapi in some streams, said Head of Data Information and Public Relations of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho via electronic message.

Some streams affected by cold lava flood in Magelang was Putih river, Pabelan, Krasak and Lamat.

However, the lava flow could be constrained by dam called SABO or anchoring the rate of cool lava. Dwiyatno (Captain) said The Disaster area (BNPB) in Central Java have already secured all the citizens, including volunteers who participated in the rescue effort.

There are no casualties, all citizens are secured by BNPB. Given the uncertain conditions, BNPB warned residents to remain vigilant, especially the dam condition is full of sand, as well as the flow of rivers that have experienced superficiality.

Meanwhile, the volume of material of the cold lava of Merapi was still 77 million cubic meters.

Today, BNPB also report there has been a land of vanish up to 1.5 meters in the village of Sukoharjo district of Garung, Wonosobo Regency.

These conditions threaten settlements 87 head of family (300 inhabitants). A total of 40 families have been evacuated residents and relatives at home. “Until now BNPB still record,” said Sutopo.

Magelang—Boyolali alternative path landslide
Heavy rains caused some cliffs along the alternative path Magelang to Boyolali landslide. There were at least 10 point landslide. Occurred starting on Saturday (1/5/2013). Long lines in 10 point landslide is more than two kilometers.

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From the information post volunteer Linang Sayang Comunication, at least there are 10 points of landslides. So the alternative pathway of Magelang to Boyolali has been isolated or can not be traversed until Sunday (1/6/2013). Therefore, the plan around 08.00 pm joint officers consists of the SAR team, military police, local residents and volunteers will conduct joint line clearance.

“The plan of the joint officers from Magelang SAR team, military police officers, residents and volunteers will conduct activities with the opening line to clear roads of landslides assembled at 08.00 AM in the field below sights Keteb Sawangan Pass District,” said Police Chief, Eko Mardiyanto.

Before the landslide, the rain that occurred on the slopes of Merapi around 05:00 PM – 06:15 PM also resulted cold lava floods in eight rivers in Merapi. Eighth river includes Putih, Pabelan, Apu, Senowo, Trising.

In Pabelan, due to cold lava floods that brought material in the form of sand, rocks and debris such as logs resulting bridge connecting Bojong Kojor Blangkunan Hamlet and Hamlet Bojong closed for about two hours. Because the flooding that hit the top of the bridge jump with a height of flooding above the bridge about 50 centimeters.

“At the Pabelan, floodwaters reached more than three feet in width of about 20 meters,” said public relation spokesman of Magelang Rescue team, Muslim Ahmad.

In addition, the existing clear water pipe taps along the bridge Bojong Kojor who also serves as the dam or check dam was also broken missing swept by Merapi cold lava flood. While at the time the flooding that hit the river Putih just as high as 30 centimeters wide and 15 meters.

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