Herein The Australia Military Training That Insulting Pancasila

Indonesia has cancelled military exercises and cooperation with Australia following the discovery of some of the material is an insult to Indonesia and Pancasila at the military base in Perth, Australia.

A source reveals on 4 January 2017, about Australia’s military training material content contains a criticism of the behavior of Indonesia’s military past in 1965 or invasion of East Timor.

The discovery of Australia’s military training by Indonesia Special Forces Kopassus that while doing exercise together some time ago.

In addition to the allegations of human rights abuses by the Indonesian Army in East Timor, some other material, including allegations that the former military leader of Indonesia, Sarwo Edhie Wibowo late was a mass murderer. In addition, material that contains information about a police officer killed his TNI friend while drunk.

In addition, there is material that is plastered on the walls of the military base that insults the basic countries Indonesia, Pancasila. The military of Australia, Pancasila slangged be PANCAGILA, by making the “five principles of crazy“.

In addition to offensive material in the body of Australia’s military, had never been a report of a Professor of Bahasa Indonesia cooperation program sent to Australia, which ended with an apology from Australia.

The Bahasa Indonesian Teacher’s has been reported that asked to give a task to the student body including Papua Merdeka propaganda.

Responding to objections that Indonesia, Marise Payne Australia Defense Minister says her Government will conduct investigations related to the report from the Indonesian armed forces and attempting to restore the suspended cooperation as soon as possible.

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Currently there is some cooperation between Australia and Indonesia, including bilateral and multilateral military exercises, exchange of education in Australia and in Indonesia, dialogue and discussion, as well as operational cooperation in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, including looking for MH370.

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