How The Experts Know The Location Of The End Of The Flight MH370?

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Monday March 24, 2014, announced that the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, flight ended in the Southern Indian Ocean west of Perth, Australia.

He reveals, these conclusions are based on the results of the latest analysis of Inmarsat satellite data presented by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) Britain.

Based on the analysis of the Inmarsat, MH370 missing since Saturday March 08, 2014. Last fly in the territorial waters of the distance from the place of landing anywhere.

Referring to the report, little possibility of survivor passengers of the Malaysia Airlines.

Inmarsat satellite data is not actually fresh. Previously, data also used to determine the two corridors of MH370 search in the Southern Indian Ocean.

However, what is new from the analysis presented this Monday so as to convince Malaysia that there is no survivor?

Actually, there are loopholes that allow Inmarsat satellite communications to communicate with the missing MH370.

In addition to the transponder and ACARS has been turned off, at the tail of the Malaysia Airlines, Boeing 777-200ER there is a satellite communication terminals.

Because Malaysia Airlines is connected to the Inmarsat satellite network, then the path can be estimated MH370.

Inmarsat sending communication requests in the form of called “ping” that will automatically respond by satellite communications terminal on the plane.

The path is estimated by counting the number and travel time ping from aircraft to Inmarsat .

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The analysis is done when it is looking at the Doppler effect. Simply, the Doppler effect in this context is the change in frequency due to the movement of the satellite in its orbit.

At that time, it was revealed that the aircraft up to a distance of 22,000 miles from the satellite locations. Direction of movement can be to the north and south so that the two corridors specified search.

To be able to deduce the location of the last Malaysia Airlines MH370, the experts at Inmarsat reanalyze the data.

Chris McLaughlin, Senior Vice President of Inmarsat, said this time they look in more detail the Doppler effect.

It was tested by comparing of the ping of the MH370 with other Boeing 777-200ER take other routes, which pass through the corridor north and south.

As the result, compatibility between lanes south corridor and other aircraft ping readings that take the same route.

Since yesterday, we have been convinced that the plane definitely take the path to the south,” he said as quoted by the Telegraph on March 24, 2014.

Experts analyze the last ping and calculate the distance and travel time to the satellites so it can determine the location of the last plane.

From the analysis, it is known flight ended in the Indian Ocean west of Perth. The aircraft is believed to be in areas far from the landing site so that all the passengers were confirmed dead.

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McLaughlin said, after the last ping, MH370 certainly run out of fuel. However, what happen when it is difficult to know.

We do not know at what speed the plane when it was, but we assume about 450 knots,” he said.

But, we can not know exactly when the plane ran out of fuel, whether or glide plane crashed in the sea, and the air is moving slower the last moment because of the steamy,” said McLaughlin .

Associated location, Inmarsat also only showed a wide span area, can not point to one specific point.

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